After months of design and construction, we spent the beginning of this week finalizing the Boombox installation at its new home at 1264 N Milwaukee Ave, next to Tocco in Wicker Park.

Before, in the warehouse:



The Boombox design and installation is a collaboration between Latent Design and Formed Space as part of the City of Chicago’s Activate!, an initiative designed to transform “underutilized public plazas into positive catalysts.”



The Boombox is constructed from recycled shipping containers, which are taking up space, unused, all around Chicago. It’s designed to function as a micro retail kiosk for small businesses in transitional stages. Installed in high-volume public spaces like its current location in Wicker Park, the Boombox will receive lots of foot traffic and retail opportunities when used as a pop-up shop.


Day one of Boombox installation started early in the morning, disassembling and transporting the Boombox from our Evanston warehouse to the 1264 N. Milwaukee Ave lot in Wicker Park. The bulk of the assembly and construction was completed by the end of the day.


The Boombox is artfully crafted from all sides, transforming the static, industrial shipping container into a functional, structurally-sound space.

Day one progress on the back side of the Boombox:



After a long first day of construction, the structure was solid. Day involved finalizing the construction and design details to prepare the Boombox for use.


For more information on the Boombox, or rental opportunities, get in touch with Activate! Chicago.


For the remainder of the month, Katherine and Latent Design will occupy the space. The following month will have information about the Chicago Architect Biennial.


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