In partnership with the Chicago Architecture Biennial, New Horizon_architecture from Ireland is currently on display at the Chicago Design Museum, located in Block Thirty Seven (108 N. State St, 3rd Floor). New Horizon is part of Irish Design 2015, a year-long initiative backed by the Irish government which explores, promotes, and celebrates Irish design, locally and internationally. We are honored to be a partner of New Horizon, and in good

The Boombox is finished! We shared in-progress photos and information about the Boombox on the blog a couple of weeks ago, and now as of Friday, it’s open to the public and available for booking to small businesses. The Boombox is a City of Chicago initiative to transform underutilized public spaces into micro-retail spaces in areas with high traffic. We were involved in the construction of the Boombox as part

After months of design and construction, we spent the beginning of this week finalizing the Boombox installation at its new home at 1264 N Milwaukee Ave, next to Tocco in Wicker Park. Before, in the warehouse:   The Boombox design and installation is a collaboration between Latent Design and Formed Space as part of the City of Chicago’s Activate!, an initiative designed to transform “underutilized public plazas into positive catalysts.”


Aug 2015

Pop-Up Shop

Shipping containers are engineered to stack tens of stores high and withstand the brutality of the high seas. The level of durability provides architects with a great resource for structural framing. After goods are shipped to the United States, the containers tend to pile up as refuse after reaching their destination as it is often cheaper to fabricate a new container than to ship it back empty. They can be