Project Description

[Versatile. Interchangeable. Adaptable] in Collaboration with Stephen Coorlas of Synthitect and Dominic Peternel

VIA BRT is a modular framework designed to host interchangeable clips of transit related functionalities. The modular design characteristic enables each station to be customized to unique neighborhood characteristics and contextual scenarios. This versatility maximizes BRT’s opportunities for station location & urban exposure.

Standard Templates

Several station templates are provided to ensure maximum functionality for standard uses. Architecturally, station configurations range from Secure & Conditioned to Public & Exposed.


Each structural ‘chassis’ is capable of hosting a series of unique ‘episodes’. All episodes are interchangeable, and can be removed, replaced, or relocated to alternate stations if necessary. The ‘chassis’ is factory made as a BRT owned unit.


The episodes are organized into several categories. Each category has specifications & design guidelines that dictate dimensions, materials, and functions for 3rd party design & construction.

[A] Security

[A.01] Turnstiles

[A.02] Pay Station

[B] Display

[B.01] Advertisement

[B.02] Information

[C] Storage

[C.01] Bicycle Parking

[C.02] Day-Lockers

[D] Vending

[D.01] Concessions

[D.02] Literature

[E] Basic

[E.01] Seating

[E.02] Trash Receptacles


The main ‘chassis’ will be fabricated off-site by means of Aluminum Cast Rotational molds and formed by fiber reinforced plastic. This method of fabrication creates a void framework, durable enough to host the episodes yet efficient in material usage. 


Chassis’ will require minimum aesthetic maintenance in accordance with the listed materials. Episode maintenance will vary based on their end construction, but materials specified in design guidelines will typically require low-maintenance non-abrasive materials.

Project Details

  • Client

    Chicago Architecture Foundation

  • Skills

    • Conceptual
    • Design
    • Competition